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The android operating system has the majority of the mobile it’s a significant presence that businesses can avoid. Gradually it has become one of marketplace – the most effective ways through which you can stay connected with your customers all day. GyanMatrix is India’s leading Android application development company.

Our team of experts builds strong, high-quality, scalable, and interactive apps which offer “one-code-fits-all” services and operate

seamlessly on the Android platform. As a top-rated Android app development company with 15+ years of expertise, we provide fast & tailored improvement solutions with best-in-class services. We add our design & development expertise to create the ideal app from beginning to finish.

Are you planning to outsource  app development services? Or would you like to hire an experienced app development team? Contact for a free quote!

Advantages of Android App Development

With time, the usages of Android apps are increasing. Right now, there is nothing we cannot do with the help of an application. From shopping to gaming, we can do everything with the help of an app.

Integration is Simple-

The process of bringing the level of your product to a global level with the help of Android app development is a simple process. The highly customized platform cannot just be integrated easily but also be tweaked as and when required. As per the changes in the market, our Android App Development Company helps to create a highly engaging mobile app for your product.

Distribution Simplicity-

When your product is ready to be released using the Android platform as the base, then you are not required to trust just one medium to distribute. Although for Android, the official app distribution medium is Google Play, there are numerous third-party stores showcasing your product all over the world. These distribution channels have great penetration in the market and help one reach out to the global audience fast.

Enhanced Hardware Compatibility-

It is important to choose the right platform when it comes to your product’s reachability. The Android mobile apps can run on almost all smartphone and tablet devices which are created by varied manufacturers. All kinds of hardware configurations are supported by Android, and hence the flexibility of such a platform is far better than any other operating system.

Our App Development Process

The Android marketplace is your biggest smartphone platform now. It’s also the most varied, with numerous system versions and devices. Your app should adapt to all this. We’ve been working with Android for many years, so we know precisely how to get the best outcomes and push your app to the fullest.


It is the best way to start – we’ll consult you and know your Android needs and goals.


Our Android experts work with our UX and UI specialists to design the ideal app for your business.


Our team will build an initial prototype for you before beginning the full development process.


After the prototype, we start with the development phase. What is more, our team provides regular updates and fast results.


Our team of experts can release a full ready-to-go Android app onto the Google Play store in a few weeks!


The journey does not stop when the app is live. GyanMatrix can help examine and improve the app, including new features.

Why Hire GyanMatrix For Android App Development Services?

If you want Android app development services from experts, then GyanMatrix perfectly fits your requirements. Our app experts have hands-on expertise in providing various application projects from small businesses to enterprise-level clients. Our robust app solutions allow you to unlock Android applications’ full potential. Here’s why GyanMatrix is the most sought-after app solutions provider in India:

Dedication and focus

Dedication and focus are the prime features of our Android app development company. Our team of professionals develops an app that is user-friendly. In addition to this, our professional developers will understand your requirements better and develop your mobile application totally based on your business needs.

Advanced technology

The recent trend of technology introduces many new technologies that become popular gradually among people due to its user interface. The new technology helps in better client engagement, and in this way, you can achieve a huge amount of money from your business. Our Android application development company uses the latest tools, technology in developing your android application.


As time goes on, the mobile applications need updates, development in functionality. Our Android app development services also include post-delivery support and guide you on how to update your application from time to time to maintain its efficacy.


Our Android app development services are also budget-friendly. We will never charge you extra for the application development. Apart from this, you do not need to worry about the delivery as we never fail to deliver on time.

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