Author: Vijay Narayan

Ooty, Masinagudi, and Team FT!

The FT team is a lot of things. One of the things that it is is being a team that’s flows like a wild river with exuberance and just pure fun energy when the time calls for it to be so. A period in time – 28th of July to the 30th of the same…
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GyanMatrix – FT Visitor Scrapbook

What are the great restaurants to visit? Where to feast tongues? What thoughts have you had about your visit? Pictures from outings? Any thank you’s or surprises? Questions? Day 1 Abstraction Team unite in Bangalore 26-Apr-17 Flowers, cookies, cashews, coffee brought to our desks – what more could we need first thing in the morning…
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Job Layoffs – You Fire; We Hire

The ruthless marauding beast that IT job layoffs of 2017 is, has been devastating – both for our country’s employers and employees. It has been a killer of hopes, a sucker of joy and an ogre with zest, for slapping “you’re fired” on the cheeks of unsuspecting employees. Painful. It’s as painful as a flaming…
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Seek And Destroy

“Seek, seek and destroy. Seek and destroy notions that question the veracity of thy integrity in work. Seek, seek and destroy. Seek and destroy cumbersome conventions that seek to make a mockery of thy vision. Seek and destroy everything that says you cannot have the time of your life even when you have to toil…
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Nothing But Poetry – Pt.2

To the claps of Chenda, the tired us, even as the overwhelming fatigue of fun had us enamoured the night before, just before sleep, woke up. Personally, I, the writer of this piece, hate to get myself awake. Sleep is the ultimate drug, I believe, and I am sure that some of you think so,…
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Carpooling, GMX!

“Cut the chase and get to the point.”, said a GMX colleague to another. “What? I haven’t even said anything, let alone anything too elaborate for me to “cut the chase and get to the point!”, the other one shot back, puzzled. “Dude, you didn’t get what I meant?”, he asked, disappointed. “Nope. You tell…
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Nothing But Poetry – GAT2017

“Assemble in the cafeteria at around 6, eat all that you want, and all that you can now itself!”, came an announcement. “Right .. we are going to have to eat as much as possible, even though the time might be odd now, lest we reach Cherthala late!”, sang everyone’s minds, as the hunger to…
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FT – Membership Team

#Vibrants FT – Membership is a recently formed team but since the formation, it started acting as a self-driven team. It has got all experienced and technically competent people, we understand our responsibilities well and act accordingly. We believe having fun at work will make your stress less and more efficient on work. We discuss…
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The ultimate combo to chase your entrepreneurial dream

Currently these platforms are only open for GyanMatrix Employees Vijay Narayan

Digital transformation journey

Ensure everyone is aboard in your Digital transformation journey – Christina Scott, CTO, News UK In an exclusive interview with CIO India, Christina Scott, chief technology officer of News UK, shares her experience of the digital transformation journey across the media industry. The way we consume news has come a long way. Gone are the days when…
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