Build Operate Transfer Model

Build-Operate-Transfer: A Win-Win Solution

It is a challenging task for entrepreneurs and CEOs to be present at all places at the same time and manage different undertakings single-handedly. If you are a business leader looking to expand your business overseas or in a different location within your country, you can now outsource your projects to a BOT service provider. The build-operate-transfer model of business is your best option as it takes care of the complete sourcing, staff leasing, equipment and related infrastructure required for your projects. They also develop the projects/products and handed over the ownership to you when the contract ends. This way, businesses can test waters and save a tremendous amount of cost that can be invested in new income-generating ideas.

Different Phases of the Build-Operate-Transfer Model

The BOT model takes the stress away from you by ensuring high-quality work on your projects. An experienced outsourcing partner can make sure that your business targets are met on time and within the prescribed budget. They do this by setting up, managing, and administering operations with the help of highly efficient and experienced professionals. There are three phases in the BOT model, and they are usually completed within a stipulated time.


The operational unit is set up in the build phase, and it includes:

Selecting the offshore location

Finding the right buildings

Installing IT devices and the Internet

Hiring staff

Setting up the legal framework

Organising the administration


The second phase is the most crucial as this is when the teams begin work on the development of your projects or products. This phase also covers management, maintenance and support until the project and the team achieve the technical capacity and maturity you desire. Expert training and professional guidance are also provided to the teams working on the projects to help them in the development process and to aid transition if and when it happens.


In the third and final phase, the outsourcing partner hands over complete ownership to the client. It happens when the contract has expired or when you feel the need to take control of the project. During this phase, you will acquire the transferred assets, which may or may not include the staff as per your decision.

BOT Services Offered by GyanMatrix

If you are looking for the most efficient way to run your projects in a different time zone or a geographic location, our build-operate-transfer services can cater to your needs. By hiring our services, we can help you complete your projects on time. We ensure complete setup and development and facilitate seamless transfer of your fully operate asset at the desired time. We also offer continued support for your newly acquired team to adapt to your organisation’s processes and methodologies quickly. To know more about the BOT services we offer, you can write to us at or call us at (+91) 9139393333.


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