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Many companies are facing an ultimatum: transform or perish. With our Build-Operate-Transfer model, transformation wins as customers can accomplish significant digital change fast and at scale throughout their organization.

Your organization might have already defined a digital vision and roadmap, run end-to-end pilots which demonstrate the worth of electronic campaigns, and initiated a strategy for deploying new electronic approaches. But if your business is like most, you can still be fighting to deliver digital worth in scale, at level, and at speed.

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To help organizations rapidly scale new capacities and ways of functioning, we offer a distinctive capability-building version: Build-Operate-Transfer. Build-Operate-Transfer Model helps organizations to bring together the individuals and technology, enabling them to work together seamlessly and get a true competitive advantage.

Using our unique Build-Operate-Transfer, organizations can succeed by constructing their own capabilities so as to own and drive their own digital transformation.

What is a BOT Model?

The Build Operate Transfer model is a method to build an offshore software development group in collaboration with an existing local partner. The group is then transferred from the local developer to the parent company when they’re ready.

The developers are stationed at their home base, but the work will be spread out to multiple locations. It has the potential of creating significant cost savings since the parent company doesn’t have to provide new employees, training, infrastructure, or incur additional overhead. The offshore developer can focus on innovating and improving the product while the local team takes care of the day-to-day business.


– Know-How – You gain access to the technology stack of the service provider and take advantage of the newest technologies in your project.

– Shared Risk – It determines the degree to which each side takes responsibility for certain aspects of the project.

– Time To Advertise — The BOT model expedites merchandise delivery and thereby has an effect on time to market. The functional subsidiary of your organization can even be set up in under a year with minimal effort from the side.

– Minimizing First Costs – Thanks to BOT, it is possible to lower the initial costs of the project linked to the recruitment procedure and preparing the workplace.

– Scalability – It is easy to scale up teams and specialists at each point and therefore significantly minimize costs.

– Brand New Market – The Build-Operate-Transfer model is the right option when you plan to enter new markets.

        Phases of The Build Operate Transfer Model

        The build operate transfer model follows main stages: build, operate, and transfer.


        In this phase, there’s a lot of activity concerning the setting up of your office in a remote location. This encompasses everything, which range from choosing the buildings, establishing and installing infrastructures such as IT devices, Internet, computers, along with other things. This is also the stage where staff employment happens, in addition to setting up the legal framework. By this time, the business should have specified the overseas country, among other items.


        Throughout this phase, the management of the project occurs. It includes the development of the projects, products, management, enhancements, maintenance, as well as product support. Additionally, there is a lot of team coaching and staff development that occurs until the perfect amount of business maturity and technical capacity of the group is attained.


        During the transfer phase, the last transfer of project ownership is done from the outsourcing partner to your client. But this happens only when the client has announced that it is prepared to fully take control of the undertaking or when the contract has expired. While this happens, the customer acquires a fresh foreign subsidiary, a transfer of resources, and some handover operation.

        The transfer period may sometimes come sooner than later, and that’s when the company decides it is ready and consequently buys the whole operation. However, there are also some examples where this stage happens later due to various reasons.

        Choose The Best Build Operate-Transfer Services of GyanMatrix

        If you are looking for the most efficient way to run your projects in a different time zone and location, our build-operate-transfer services can cater to your needs. By hiring the GyanMatrix team, you can complete your projects on time. Our team of skilled professionals ensures complete setup and development and facilitates seamless transfer of your fully operated asset at the desired time.

        We also offer support for your newly acquired team to adapt to your company’s processes and methodologies as quickly as possible. Contact us for more information.

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