Carpooling, GMX!

Carpooling, GMX!

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“Cut the chase and get to the point.”, said a GMX colleague to another.

“What? I haven’t even said anything, let alone anything too elaborate for me to “cut the chase and get to the point!”, the other one shot back, puzzled.

“Dude, you didn’t get what I meant?”, he asked, disappointed.

“Nope. You tell me!”, said the other.

The conversation continued:

“I see you driving alone everyday in your car. You’ll free up traffic, and lessen pollution a touch, if you stop doing that. Stop doing it the way you do, okay?”

“If I do that, how will I come to office?”

“Simple. Carpooling”


“Dude, carpooling is a way of life ( if driving with passion is a way of life, this is, too, no? ) in which you either share a car by taking in others who go alone by car or by bus, or become a part of the car commute some other lone driver person does every day”.

“Duhh. I know what carpooling is, dumbo. My ‘‘what’’ was more in the lines of my being ignorant about it, and my being excited to know about a guy or girl who’s doing that in my neighborhood, or somewhere on the way! Is there anyone you know who does carpooling from my area?”

“Haha okay. And, yeah, I should know it if I check the database out. Wait for a few minutes, bro?”

“Sure. And, and, you didn’t tell me what you meant by “cut the chase”, when all I was doing was sitting alone, with eyes buried deep into my laptop screen!”

“Knowing you, you probably chase cars on the road when it’s empty, for an adrenaline rush. Cut it. Cut chasing it, and indulge in carpooling!”

“Daamn! You got me, bro. Haha!”


Yes, folks. As said by said colleague, GyanMatrix now has carpooling, and it has had it so, for a while now. Yes!!

And, as said by said colleague, you indeed will do your part in controlling the traffic, and the lessening of air pollution.
What’s more? Both the owner, and the ones sharing his ride will stand to benefit from our brand of carpooling. You’ll get to know it when you partake in our carpooling programme. 😉

What are you waiting for? Still not convinced? We have just the right thing for you: Testimonials from those who are carpooling. So, here we go:

Meet Vignesh .. and everyone else with him in this pic.

Those of you on who know him only through Telegram will know him as Vignesh P T. He is from our Koramangala branch, and he does this carpooling thing with vigor. Let’s hear what he has to say about this, shall we?

“Driving everyday to work and back, would seem dull to others, but for us it is the most interesting part of the day. Music, inspirational videos, awareness videos, intellectual conversations, clubbed with long drives everyday with the best mates. Most of the times the return journey happens to be late midnight, with almost zero traffic, and seeing Bengaluru this way is very pleasant.”

You hear that? You hear that? These words make the ones who came up with this idea stand vindicated, and how! 😀


Wanna hear a bit more for a testimony to our carpooling’s success? Well then, let’s take a look at Imran and pals ( from our Services branch ).

So, meet Imran … and those with him in the car. 😛

Independence to me, feels as good as Biriyani is after a day of hunger. Driving everyday with friends, on our own whims and fancies feels like independence. Because it’s independence!

If anyone of you needs anymore convincing, only an video montage of their drives will do … and that I am sure, is unnecessary for I can already sense you folks raring to go try this out!


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