Coworking Space – Thoughts & Musings

Coworking Space – Thoughts & Musings

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Co-Working is the bee that’s buzzing now. As needs change and as people evolve, the definition of necessity tends to change. Back in the ‘80s; back in the ‘90s, as the Indian economy was opening up, working in an office – any kind of office – is all one needed for at least a semblance of life of peace. It’s all one needed to be in the skin of someone who went to work in the best possible place. Such were the times. It was all we knew. Employment by itself was amongst the greatest things at that time.
Things being, well, things, tend to have the tendency to change over the course of days, in years and in decades. With time, pivotal questions pertaining to employment have been in the tens; “Have you got work”? paved way to, “Permanent job?” and that paved way to, “Hey buddy, nice office?”. Okay, I may not have been all that accurate there, but what I’m about to say holds truth dear to it: We are at a point in time when the next big question, “Is it a coworking space?”

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So what is a coworking space?

A coworking space is at its core an office space that empowers you and your business with almost all imaginable facets of working you need, whilst you just pay for whatever number of seats it is that your business demands. Depending upon what you sign up for, you will be accessing everything a space has to offer – right from your own little space in there, to access to food areas, and to an assortment of things on could relish when it comes to working, and working spaces. If you’re a freelancer, and you find isolation at home to be all-consuming – along with other distractions a typical house has up its sleeve, finding yourself a coworking space is the solution. Perhaps, the only solution.

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A rage comic from 2012 accurately represents what one feels like when an ideal coworking space is found. :p

The idea of co-working being the bee that buzzes owes a lot to the way self-employment is perceived. The benefits that stem from self-employment are well known—existing as your sole boss, and the sheer freedom that it gives by definition, are things that are worth drooling after.

On the flipside, however, the slightly less potent guard that there is for privacy, might be a little off-putting. Sometimes, when one wants to be left alone, coworking environments being the social beasts that they are, will feed one with a bump of a friend. Nevertheless, coworking is here to stay.

The stats on coworking
According to one study[1], coworking nets 70% of its consumers feeling healthier in comparison to their lives before coworking took over. According to the same source, more than 60% of coworkers find it easier to get work done on time, and more than 90% are simply put, better at being social with others since they took up coworking.

It’s a youngster’s world, this. The world of coworking sees 78% of coworkers are under the age of 40. It’s also a world where people are monetarily happy, for at least 50% are making more money, whilst only 30% prefer to work during what is seen as the traditional business hours.

The numbers are primed to grow more in favor of coworking. The world itself is primed to grow more in favor of coworking. One of the latest additions to the realm of coworking is the one situated at Electronic City, Bangalore. It goes by the name GyanSpace. Check it out too. But welcome again, to the fascinating world of coworking and shared office spaces!

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