EFP and GMXT – a happy story

EFP and GMXT – a happy story

On a Friday that came beckoning on the 4th of August, GMX marched to the premises of SREC, Coimbatore. SREC is Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, and that was reached by GMX at 10 in the morning.

The compound of the college on that day was of significance to us, for not just SREC’s management was there. There in the compound were management committees of two other colleges – Shakthi and Karpagam, along with their students. With the three committees, we discussed a lot; but most importantly, we spoke about improving everything about EFP! EFP, to the uninitiated, is ‘Employee Fresher Programme’.

People entering new places need to let others know what they’ve come packing, and GMX did just that. Teams – the teams of Loany, soYou, FT, neonMob, and beepr – used this as a platform to showcase everything that they’ve worked on – everything we’ve worked on – and everything that has been worked on was received to chants of accolades!

Lunch happened afterward – sumptuous one, one should say – and post-lunch, retrospective talks with EFP students were made to happen and in it, we discussed in depth everything that needs to be done to improve EFP.

Work and all is fine, yes, but what is it worth if you don’t actually get to live a life that has nothing to do with work? GMX encourages synergy between work and life, and as an example of that – yet another example of that – the GMX team(s) that were there for EFP, went for a team outing to ‘Dare to escape’ (http://dare2escape.in/). Dare we did to escape from monotony. Dare we do, to hide away in glory, from the grasps of the monotony of the normal IT life.

Check some pictures out from the day below.

|Low quality image, but high quality presentation on Loany. 😉

|New and old friends posing in unison

|Before the pose for selfie happened ..

|Dare to escape!

|Dare to escape (reprise) 😛

|The mandatory groupie


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