All Hands of Feb ’18; GyanSpace’ Genesis

All Hands of Feb ’18; GyanSpace’ Genesis

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March is significant to GMX. March is significant to the visions and goals that are our lifeline. At GMX, we take to charting new territories with as much vigor and passion as we take it to retaining the best of our traditions. On the 14th of March, we did them both; we charted new territories for a different kind of success, and continued with the tradition of our monthly awards show – All Hands. With All Hands on one hand, with the other hand, we inaugurated the newest venture of GyanMatrix, GyanSpace. GyanSpace, our coworking space.

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Welcome to GyanSpace, the coworking space

The 14th of March began pretty early for our folks at GMX. Perched opposite to the Helipad of Electronic City, Bangalore, and in front of a road adorned by ravishing trees with leafs of the color green, GyanMatrix, now as a part of GyanSpace, saw its kin flocking to it.
At 6, we’d planned to have to gather up for the inauguration ceremony a la a Puja for GyanSpace, and at 6 we did the same.

To smokes of holiness, and to hearts enlarged by happiness, the process of inauguration was underway.

With excitement, as the puja was over, we took a stroll across the new space of magnificence. Some loved the space’ size, and some loved the new-building-festive-vibes. Some loved the ostensible space behind the walls of GyanSpace, whilst others loved the view one gets peering through the glass-walls of GyanSpace.

The individually self-propelled tour around this new coworking space was coming to an end, and it was time for our traditional show – All Hands. “But food trumps all”, thought we, as we feasted on the breakfast feast that the management had provided us; hungry stomachs demand sumptuous food after all!
After the first meal of the day, time it had become for the beginning of the All Hands of Feb ’18!

With an opening speech delivered by one of the special guests of the event, the event was underway. Soon after, a video replete with regal music for the nominees of this month’s “Star Performer” came up to greet us; with it, and with the inevitable pause before the inevitable reveal, we were all introduced to the Performer of the Month of GyanMatrix. The Star was Bhala!
With his manager, Karthick Selvam coming forward to the stage to hand over the award, Bhala knew he had risen to the next stage, as he stood on the stage brimming with happiness.

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What joy looks like ..

As is customary, immediately after Bhala’s time to shine as GMX’s Star Performer, time was ripe to let the other stars of GMX shine. The team performers, one-by-one came to the fore and got the awards they they rightfully deserve. The air around was one of joy.

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The best of GMX, smiling not quite wide, but shining bright! 😉

Next up, was the opportunity for the different teams of GMX to grace the dais. See, All Hands is not just an event for the best performers, it also is very much an event for the recap of a month gone-by; the technical updates and everything of the ilk get spoken about by our teams with unbridled pride.

This is how they look like, presenting their sweat and toil as slides for us to see.

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Whilst the slides shouldn’t be revealed, let’s admire the the ones responsible for their successes.

The air around was to become one of frenzy soon. The artists in the house were about to set the stage on delectable flames.

Vignesh came sans anyone by his side, grabbed the mic from the hosts, and for the next 15 minutes, let rip a fine act of mimicry. With an eclectic confluence of voices whirring from within, he had everyone in fits of laughter, and in moments of awe.

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From an ex-CM of Tamil Nadu to the greatest of stars in cinema, he imitated them. It’s the highest form of flattery.

Vignesh, though, wasn’t the only one to put up a show with the chords of the throat. Anshu turned up with his ‘band’ – one with Vignesh PT to strum chords on the guitar – and for the next few minutes, it was him and them that were stealing the show.
Joining them were other impromptu participants with the guitar, Nagaraja and Vijay!

Take a look at the scenes when they took centerstage:

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We were talking about the artists in the house, weren’t we? Yes. Hence, it won’t be fair, if artistry is talked about without the presence of those that sway in rhythm – the ones that dance.

The girls and boys of GMX, Divya, Ranjeeta, Kiruthiga, and later on, Narendra and Vignesh (again!) indulged in dance that had us all hooked. Here’s what they looked like whilst they danced and amazed us:

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“You think you can dance?”

The entertainment then got interrupted, for it was time for close. As a sign of it, Balu graced the dais and took hold of the mic. Then, he delivered his customary speech; this time about the newness of everything and the ambition that pervaded the veins of GyanSpace. This time, again, it was one hell of a speech.

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Him, a familiar territory, and a new place.


Whilst the All Hands of the month had come to an end, the genesis of GyanSpace was set in motion. In GyanSpace, all of us were Peter Pan in Neverland Ranch. In GyanSpace, all of us begin our next big phase.

Until then, see you all in the next All Hands!


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