Handling NodeJS C.P.U Intensive Task

Handling NodeJS C.P.U Intensive Task

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Ever wonder people talking about NodeJS constantly saying that its single threaded. Yes its kinda true , but it has a catch.

It has Single “Main” Thread to handle all Client Request. When a Blocking request comes it actually delegates it task to the worker thread present in thread pool, , So we can conclude that NodeJS Is “not” totally end to end Single Threaded.

Note: Worker thread are not the main thread.

Okay , Thats Fine but If we say this about NodeJS that :

In Node.js everything runs in parallel, except your code. What this means is that all I/O code that you write in Node.js is non-blocking, while (conversely) all non-I/O code that you write in Node.js is blocking

If the above statement is true (Obviously its true) then What if a very very heavy CPU task comes as a client request ,then What ?. You can’t do anything but wonder if you could have used another language.

But , No my dear friend , We can even delegate this CPU intensive task to worker thread .

How do we do that ??

I will explain this with a proper example here

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As you can see I have created a function called heavyTask Which runs a for loop for 550000000000 times , The main thread will be busy for a long time and it will deny to serve any other client request.

How do we delegate this CPU task to one of the worker thread present in thread pool.

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workerpool offers an easy way to create a pool of workers for both dynamically offloading computations as well as managing a pool of dedicated workers. It basically implements a thread pool pattern. There is a pool of workers to execute tasks. New tasks are put in a queue. A worker executes one task at a time, and once finished, picks a new task from the queue.

In the above example there is a function heavyTask, which is offloaded dynamically to a worker to be executed for a given set of arguments.

This is how you can handle CPU Intensive Task by offloading that work to the worker thread.

Thanks for Reading

Happing Learning 🙂


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