Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Posted 2 months ago

skills to have

  • SQL (Intermediate to advanced)
  • BI Tool – preferably Mode Analytics but Tableau, Looker, Power BI are also fine
  • Some knowledge of Python is desirable
  • Organizing and visualizing data on a dashboard in ways that clearly communicate the most important insights, and support further exploration.
    • Familiarity with a BI tool like Tableau, Looker, Mode Analytics


  • How to use SQL to convert raw data into useful, reliable, and accurate metrics
  • Approaches to analyzing data that let you be confident in the end result
  • To pick between or combine the different tools that you’re familiar with (including python, SQL, and spreadsheet formulas) for a given analysis task.
  • The difference between mean and median, and when you’d prefer each of them.
  • Meet key stakeholders across our product, business and engineering teams and identify the highest priority questions we want answered.
  • Meet members of the engineering team and learn how the data is organized, cleaned and stored in order to make an informal recommendation of which areas of data should be further sanitized and stored into database.
  • Review all the reports that are in our external facing dashboard
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