Ooty, Masinagudi, and Team FT!

Ooty, Masinagudi, and Team FT!

The FT team is a lot of things. One of the things that it is is being a team that’s flows like a wild river with exuberance and just pure fun energy when the time calls for it to be so.

A period in time – 28th of July to the 30th of the same – demanded them to be so, and so they were, and if having fun as a team was a song to be sung, they were perfect to the note.

If notes of that song were to be, well, starting for the jaunt on time, taking perfectly-timed pictures of elephants, pranking around and having mutual fun with powerful people in Khaki, hogging everything good that was in sight, spending an entire night lost in the games of Poker and Uno, and just .. chilling with deliberate zoning out with the meadows of Ooty in the backdrop, well, it’s safe to say from the pictures below that they really did sing it quite well. 😉

So, sit back and lose yourself to the splendour in the glitter from the eyes of ours, in the pics below.


| Swing … in the rain? 😛

|Mandatory lean-on-the-railing hill station pic!

|And so extends the green, far and long for the eyes to see

| There’s at least one ‘redeemer’ in here!


Leave a comment, guys, if you want more pictures from this trip. 🙂


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