Seek And Destroy

Seek And Destroy

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“Seek, seek and destroy. Seek and destroy notions that question the veracity of thy integrity in work.

Seek, seek and destroy. Seek and destroy cumbersome conventions that seek to make a mockery of thy vision.

Seek and destroy everything that says you cannot have the time of your life even when you have to toil and mop sweat off the floor, with focus, on the side.”

I am not convinced that such sayings have existed through the years, but with conviction, I must say this: These are going to ring true, be held onto, and revered with pride within the extent the purviews of our GyanMatrix brood extends to.

Why? The answer: The DCS Team – that’s why.

The DCS team it is because of how they waded through waters of incredulousness. The DCS team it is because of how they planned every fleeting second of the GAT2017 trip – with regards to how they are going to balance the pertinence of monitoring things ‘round the clock, whilst also being, not so surreptitiously, surrounded by cogs from the same kin, having the time of their lives all the time!


The annual trip of commemorating the searing growth of GyanMatrix – wherein, within a year’s time, a plethora of products were birthed, and esteemed firms became partners – was planned to be done by the time April saw itself barely awake. Hence, on the 6th of April, the entirety of our tribe set about to head to an exotic, backwaters-kissed, sun-baked-wonder that the town of Cherthala is.

The writer of this piece, along with most others of our family, left at the fag end of the day – night to be precise. But, but there were some that left way, way earlier than that. There were some that left for Cherthala sans all the fun of dancing to random songs in groups, in the bus, in love. Said ‘some’ were some of our DCS folks.

Three weeks before the sixth of April, the management – coordinating with the DCS team – went to Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere – the resort that welcomed us all later, set up a stay there, investigated the facilities to facilitate the monitoring that they were to do. Investigate they did, about internet connection and things of the ilk for starters, over and over again. The DCS team, though, still went early on the sixth of April, just in case… just in case.

“Plan it and validate it”, perhaps was their motto for the initial phase. It must have been! In fact, it was.

With insight on par with seers of the ancient world, the DCS team, lead by impeccable leadership, kept in place with care, preventive measures, and strengthened the effort with rigid backup plans charted in their space.

Determination, says a member of DCS, was the only resource that they had to tap into. Continues he, “it sounds like it’s something that everyone could have done. Just determination, no? But, ha! It isn’t. Because, for starters, you ought to have the skills already necessary for doing this, and then resist the temptation to indulge all the time in that which everyone else was indulging in!”; as he was saying this, this writer could almost feel the pride in the sacrificial superlativeness that he and they had shown on those two days.

Of course. Managing and monitoring the services that we provide to our esteemed partners when everyone else said it can’t be done whilst having the sort of trip that we had, will endow you with pride. Why? It even has us feeling the gush of pride from within when we think of what the DCS team did!

“But, but, of course, none of this would’ve happened had GyanMatrix not given the passionate bunch that we are, the abundance of confidence it instilled in us. None of this would have happened had they not bestowed upon us, every minuscule resource we’d thought we’d need!”, added a member of DCS, as he hurried on to continue with the work they were doing. Well, of course he would, for the DCS team is one busy bunch!

Before this piece is wrapped up, they deserve pictures of their work that they did for everyone of us, to be seen by.. everyone of us. Hence, affixed to this piece for them, are some pictures of the DCS team, right at the heart of their work, and that which isn’t work that they managed to do in between:

![alt](/content/images/2017/04/DCS-Shrikanth-Madappa-rPOTY.JPG” style=”width:700px;”))

Performer of the year! Of course, why wouldn’t someone from DCS be that? Seen here is him receiving award for the same, incidentally, from the manager of DCS.

![alt](/content/images/2017/04/DCS-skit-enjoying.JPG” style=”width:700px;”))

Oh, and by the way, here’s a sample for you guys to know that they weren’t all just work and no play. Seen here is a pretty sizeable chunk of DCS doing a hilarious skit. 😉

![alt](/content/images/2017/04/dcs2.JPG” style=”width:700px;”))

On tables decked with notebooks, routers and water bottles for exhaustion, seen here is the team doing what they do best: monitoring, and how!

![alt](/content/images/2017/04/dcs3.JPG” style=”width:700px;”))

Another angle of the same. Determination can be seen brimming with joy, deep in their eyes here.


This piece isn’t to say that they didn’t have the rest of us. This piece is to say that, in all likelihood, whatever fun they had had was the most rewarding of fun anyone had had in the entirety of the glorious trip that our GAT2017 was!


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