What are the security risks that are involved with eCommerce sites?

What are the security risks that are involved with eCommerce sites?

Check out the following risks that you must watch out for with eCommerce websites

  • Online security threats including malware, phishing attacks, hacking, spam mail and more
  • System reliability issues such as the crash of ISP, errors in online payment system and bugs in the eCommerce plugin. 
  • Privacy issues: Compromising of customer’s personal information and use for spamming, unsolicited marketing and identity thefts
  • Customer disputes: Customers not receiving their orders, the received product not like the one shown or described on the website, credit card charged twice and more
  • Credit card fraud: Use of stolen credit card on your website for purchase or a hacker stealing data from other customers in the system
  • Intellectual property issues: The images, product descriptions, logos, videos, music and products may be copied by some other websites or may have been lifted from Elsewhere.
  • SEO: Change in algorithm of by search engines which may cause traffic drop to your website. 
  • Taxation: Liable to miss out on including and paying the fair sales, shipping and/or import taxes 
  • Return of goods and warranty: May have to deal with product returns that result in the rise of expenses or inability to resell the item at the original price.
  • Warehousing and Logistics: Out of stock products for which orders have been received, delay in shipment and delivery to incorrect recipient are a few of the issues you may have to deal with. 

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