My learnings on [GyanTalk] Apache Storm – What? When? Why?

My learnings on [GyanTalk] Apache Storm – What? When? Why?

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Last week, we had a wonderful session by Sagar Sharma on Apache Storm – What? When? Why? with the responsibility to get it live streamed. I too got a chance to attend the session & to know more about the amazing real-time data analytics tool Apache Strom.

The way the session was conducted & detailed by Sagar Sharma, I was able to get an idea about the tool, It’s history & how it works being a non-techie.

Here is what I learnt from the [GyanTalk] Apache Storm – What? When? Why? Which is very much helpful in real-time stream processing and analytics, easy to work with & trending too in the modern technology.

What is Apache Storm?
It is a free and open source distributed realtime computation system with the tremendous scope in future. It could also be called as a framework to solve problems related to data analytics(streams of data).

What Storm does?
Storm helps in processing unlimited streams of data for real-time analytics.

Apache Storm is simple, fast, scalable, Fault tolerant, reliable & powerful tool which can be used with any programming language and fun to use!

When Apache Storm came into existence?
It was originally created by Nathan Marz and team at BackType. BackType is a social analytics company. Which was later acquired and open-sourced by Twitter.
In a very short period of time, It has become a standard for distributed real-time processing system which allows you to process large volumes of data, similar to Hadoop.

Apache Storm is written in Java and Clojure. It is continuing to be a leader in real-time analytics and reliable data processing capabilities. Storm is powerful for scenarios which require real-time analytics, machine learning and continuous monitoring of operations.

This blog followed by the Video on Apache Storm will let you explore the principles of Apache Storm, how it works, When to choose Apache Storm, distributed messaging, Concept of Apache Storm, Data Analytics, Stream grouping, Creating Storm topologies and deploy them to a Storm cluster,real-time applications and finally concludes with some useful examples & clearing doubts of the audience by Sagar Sharma.

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