Top 10 Web Development Trends: Businesses Must Consider in 2021

Top 10 Web Development Trends: Businesses Must Consider in 2021

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Web development trends are changing because new technologies making the web faster, safer, and indeed a much better place. Likewise, the business strategy you were following in 2018, has changed now. And as a good initiative from your side, you might have updated the business ecosystem as per the ongoing trends. Plus, everyone will agree on the fact that the way your business website used to function before, too needs upgrades.

To cope up with the market competition and to give a new feel to the design along with using new technologies, we are going to discuss the important web development trends of 2021; you may consider discussing them with your web development company.

Top 10 Web Development Trends of 2021

If you want to quickly check all the web development trends, here is the list:

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
2. Progressive Webpage Apps (PWA)
3. Artificial Intelligence & Bots
4. Dark Mode
5. Mobile-Friendly Website
6. Cyber Security
7. Vector & 3D Graphics
8. Voice Search
9. Single Page Application (SPA)
10. Motion UI

Infographic contains a list of top 10 web development trends for 2021
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An Infographic image containing all the web development trends of 2021

#1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):-

Have you checked yesterday’s Google Analytics stats? You will find out that the majority of users (More than 95%) who visited your websites are using mobile devices.

As most of the audience is using smartphones, making your webpages mobile accelerated will boost the speed. And result in higher SERPs as Google loves fast loading websites.

AMP was first introduced in 2015 and from that time it made its way to the best web development trends.

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) uses the HTML copies of a website and introduces them to mobile devices stripping out JavaScript, HTML, CSS with the help of cache stored in Content Delivery Network(CDN).

Google is supporting AMP pages in Discovery and news stories that are being shown in Chrome and Google App. No doubt, as your website’s AMP pages load fast they will make their way to a higher search engine ranking. Try to use AMP in the blog part of your website or contact GyanMatrix for custom AMP implementation.

#2. Progressive Webpage Apps (PWA):-

Progressive Web Page App (PWA) functionality makes a website feels and behaves like a Mobile App. It provides;

1. Ability to add an icon to the home screen
2. Offline browsing ability
3. Responsiveness
4. Safe to use
5. Costs less than android/ios apps
6. Last but not least, highly linkable and provides a Web experience like an Application

Having such features, PWA made its position to the #2 spot to the web development trends of 2021. These features bring a web app interface to your website that provides a high-quality user experience thus it grabbed the attention of developers around the world.

PWA developers don’t need any special programming skills, besides great user-experience, you can send push notifications on PWA-enabled websites and the possibility of returning visitors improves. Since mobile users are increasing every day because of reliability and accessibility, this trend will continue to grow throughout 2021.

#3. Artificial Intelligence & Bots:-

When we talk about 2021 or beyond, it’s common to discuss Artificial Intelligence & its benefits. Businesses are already started using Artificial Intelligence i.e., Chatbots and more which shows the ongoing web development trend.

Companies want 24*7 solutions that are cost-effective and can help users with any kind of question-related to their services. Many companies state that A.I. & Machine Learning enabled chatbots are a good long-term investment.

On the other hand, processing a large amount of customer data to personalize the user experience is easy with the help of A.I. This technology is changing web technologies with ADI(Artificial Design Intelligence) tech, voice assistance in industries like tourism, healthcare, eCommerce, etc.

#4. Dark Mode:-

Dark Mode is a trend in smartphone apps in 2020. It will also be a normal feature in 2021 and beyond in websites. The dark color provides a wide range of contrast ratio to other colors, making the User Interface more catchy.

You can count on this feature because it reduces excessive eye strain. Plus, it also makes it easier to see the light content by enhancing the visibility and saves battery time; increasing the number of black pixels uses less device energy.

Moreover, it gives the whole website a stylish touch and provides the best user experience. Thus, dark mode is on GyanMatrix’s
#4 spot when it comes to web development trends of 2021.

#5. Mobile-Friendly Websites:-

As we discussed before that more than 95% of the visitors to your website might be using mobile devices. It becomes necessary to have a responsive design that changes dynamically according to the screen size of devices.

People trust Google & they are also optimizing their algorithm to make it safe, secure, and fast to provide the best result possible. Mobile-friendliness is counted as one of the best SEO factors that means it will remain in web development trends in 2021 and beyond.

#6. Cyber Security:-

Cyber attacks are increasing day by day, no matter how robust a firewall security framework is in place. There are a lot of data breaches each day.

Such threats are making companies invest more in the security domain.

To tackle and safeguard online resources, the IT industry is working at full speed. But this is not something online businesses can achieve overnight that shows the need to implement and maintain proper cybersecurity.

#7. Vector & 3d Graphics:-

Any website must have a great design depending upon the segment. Vector graphics play an important role in keeping the visitor engaged for more time. No doubt, it decreases the website bounce rate. Plus, It provides more space for the visitor to think and choose what best suits their needs.

A clear and beautiful 3D graphical interface of the website also makes the visitors trust the website. And by choosing the right web development company for their business they can get more out of vector graphics.

#8. Voice Search:-

The web development trends are moving towards the voice search feature-rich system. As in 2021, we are using Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana over voice commands and they can understand us clearly. It has become important for us to optimize our website according to voice search.

Also, people like to give commands by voice rather than typing long texts. Not to mention, the majority of Internet of Things(IoT) devices are using voice commands as the primary input, which indicates the huge potential websites are holding.

Making websites optimized for voice search will open more opportunities for business as voice recognition is an important part of user behavioral analytics.

#9. Single Page Application (SPA):-

As the world is moving towards fully functional 5G internet connectivity. Nobody would be interested in a slow-loading website that open link with each click. Instead, SPA is recommended by web developers because it is a faster & better approach to load resources with JSON on a browser.

Although, SPA gained popularity with the rise of JavaScript frameworks. Here are a few examples of Single Page Applications like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, etc.,

GyanMatrix as a leading web application development company suggests SPA technology. It works with APIs and also saves bandwidth & other resources on the server.

#10. Motion UI:-

Motion UI is one of the best web development trends for 2021. It is a minimalist, animated design approach to websites. It provides a premium look and feels to the user. Web developers don’t have to play with jQuery and JavaScript to animate designs. Creating custom designs with JavaScript & jQuery is a lengthy process. Plus it consumes a lot of resources on the hosting, which is not a good choice at all. Hence, considering Motion UI for your website will enhance interactions and user satisfaction.

Finally, I would say that all the above-mentioned web development trends will be seen flourishing in 2021 and beyond. You can ask your web development company to implement these technologies while revamping your online infrastructure.

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