MVP app development

Benefits of Building an MVP App for Your Business

Creating an app just got easier with MVP. With latest technological advancements, companies have replaced the age-old methods where you bargain over the ideas of your application with an app development team. Traditional methods take longer in developing an app and the corrections and rework are just too many. Back and forth calls and hustle…
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Learning through teaching is priceless

Here I’m going to share our experience for the first time as a professional trainer. Professional, Isn’t this word a bit exaggerative? Yes, even I felt the same. Let’s rewind the journey from the past and see how that makes sense. Preparation: In June, it was two weeks before the training date we were informed…
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Highlights on the discussion about Entrepreneurship experience with Hariharan

This is one of the fine opportunities where I got to interview the co-founder of GyanMatrix. The overall discussion went for an hour. Here are some of the interactions which we came across. I started the interaction with a saying “You need to enter a conversation assuming that are going to have something to learn“.…
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Reverse proxy using Varnish

Reverse proxy A Reverse proxy is a server that sits in front of web servers and forwards client (e.g. web browser) requests to those web servers.  Reverse proxy software for HTTP Nginx HAProxy Varnish Cache Lighttpd Repose Reverse proxies are typically implemented to help increase Security, Performance, and Reliability. We are already most familiar with…
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Change is good!!!

We started GyanMatrix 5 years ago with the mission to Begin the Change, and we know for sure we did that with flying colors. I guess I can substantiate this statement by telling a small, simple but powerful story here. When we did Infra Operations, we were told that the Eyes on Glass team cannot…
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Handling NodeJS C.P.U Intensive Task

Ever wonder people talking about NodeJS constantly saying that its single threaded. Yes its kinda true , but it has a catch. It has Single “Main” Thread to handle all Client Request. When a Blocking request comes it actually delegates it task to the worker thread present in thread pool, , So we can conclude…
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Upload to AWS s3 from the browser

Most of the web application has the necessity to upload the media or file to their server. Usually, we use an API to send the file to the API server and from there we used to upload the file to the s3. AWS has simplified the work of a programmer by introducing SDK for different…
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Our Team achievements (September-October 2018)

The greatest executors, a very capable employee, a good contributor ought to be rewarded for consummating improvisation everyday and ultimately leading to success. A pack of good chaps can be stacked with one sole motivator. Fellows of GyanMatrix who have stood for the best, for the team, for themselves, for the month…, here are a…
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Sync a static React site to s3 with GitLab CI

CI has always been a buzz topic among the developers. GitLab is an unsung hero who makes the process really simple and also to achieve the need. Here is how we sync a static React site from git to s3 with the help of GitLab CI. Create a file named .gitlab-ci.yml deploy to s3: type: deploy…
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August All Hands – GMX, 2018

As the clock’s hands touched the indicators in the device that sing, “half past 5”, GMX’ employees had gathered together in anticipation of the event. “Hello and good evening”, came, amplified by the mic, as the host kick-started the show. Without much time getting wasted, to the last beat of the nomination video, we started handing over the awards to the ones that won. Curious to know all those who won?