Data Engineering Services

Data Engineering Services

Organizations across the globe are observing an increase in the data generated by IoT devices, systems as well as users. This wealth of data has been generated at a high rate and from multiple sources.

In order to remain competitive, enterprises need to collate this data to have insights for informed decision-making and accelerate business development. With the ideal approach towards data engineering, organizations can monetize and maximize the value of the information assets. Data engineering, with the help of profound learning, uncovers the intelligence of any dataset.

At GyanMatrix, we assist businesses with next-gen data analytics, thereby improving synergies in a company and understanding their customers better. We offer a detailed set of data engineering solutions that deliver critical business insights. Our solutions enable you to understand your customers better and assist in creating faster, more informed business decisions.

Our staff has many advisers with over 15+ years of expertise in supporting business critical program databases of sizes ranging from 10 GB to 100 TB, at a leveraged /dedicated model for clients ranging from midsize to large companies. In general, we are a one-stop for the experience needed to solve all your information technology issues.

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GyanMatrix has helped businesses solve their data challenges, forecast demand patterns, improve end-user satisfaction, and guide via business strategies based on smart insights. Our team analyzes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data with the right technology, processing tools, and strategy.

Why Choose Us?

GyanMatrix offers competent data engineering services — in developing a strong database for analytics. Our team handles the influx of huge volumes of unstructured and structured data relevant to the purpose or company. This measure is the foundation of any data plan. Suppose you were to imagine the whole process as a pipeline.

In that case, if the first step (valve) that’s our data engineering is not executed right, it will create a domino effect in the form of overflows from the pipeline. From our extensive experience in data engineering services, we can categorically state that before data could be examined, it needs to be organized and cleaned.

GyanMatrix has a team of expert Data Engineers who start this process by building a list of what data is stored, referred to as a data schema. Then, we select reliable, easily accessible locations for keeping the data like data warehouses, data lakes, and marts. Our team creates noETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) procedures and pipelines to feed the data to the data warehouse or pond.

Machine learning as well as data mining are the technologies that are widely used by GyanMatrix’s data engineers. Tools like Python, Apache Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, TensorFlow, and more are used to analyse data, derive actionable insights from your enterprise data, and prepare it for data scientists.

GyanMatrix Data Engineering Provides-

– Validating existing datasets & sources and verifying information quality.

– Integrating and coordinating data from various sources.

– Cleaning and filtering the data to ensure insignificant data points are removed and missing data collections are found.

– Preparing the data for transforming into formats for the data analytics team.

In addition to getting data from various sources, our clients will need to process the data in a timely manner so as to produce real-time inference. GyanMatrix ensures an efficient data flow, often employed by building data pipelines and data lakes with new technologies that may scale and run in the cloud. Outstanding models, fantastic machine learning, and good AI are hopeless without well-governed data pipelines set up.

What Makes GyanMatrix the Best Provider of Data Engineering Services?

We help in aggregating this data, cleaning, normalizing, and preparing it for transformation into meaningful forms. These results of audited and prepared data is the first and most crucial step in businesses making educated and related conclusions. Our data engineers make sure that there is no impact on our customers’ production environment by producing a parallel data collecting and analysis environment.  Our team also leverages the newest tools and technologies such as cloud and open source technologies to store and analyze information.

Data Engineering Services Offered By GyanMatrix

Get the best out of your data assets with our bespoke data engineering services. We have experienced experts, the right tools, and technologies to help scale and monetize your business. Our data engineers are proficient in developing, testing, and maintaining the architecture of large-scale processing systems.

The services provided by our data engineers include:

– Analytics Roadmap

– Architect and Design

– Data ecosystem evaluation

– Database configuration, management, and monitoring

– Data migration and consolidation

– Data visualization

– Big Data engineering

Our Happy Clients

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