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Can you work in collaboration with my current IT team?2022-09-04T22:42:05+05:30

Gyanmatrix has full-time qualified professionals of full-stack developers, systems engineers, programmers, and coders who excel at any full-stack development project and deliver the finest. In order to broaden our services, we also provide managed solutions and team outsourcing. Therefore, certainly, we can effectively collaborate with your present IT staff.

What are the various types of apps you can develop?2022-09-04T22:41:42+05:30

We can develop a diverse range of apps for a variety of platforms, from IOS, Android, and Web for Hybrid – platforms and Cross-platform operationality. Our app development agency provides complete cycle services for application design, integration, and management. Use our vast expertise working with all key technologies to delight your users with articulate and feature-rich native iOS / Android, cross-platform, or Progressive Web Apps.

Do you provide managed IT infrastructure services?2022-09-04T22:41:15+05:30

Yes, managed IT infrastructure services are a part of our extensive services portfolio. IT infrastructure management services include corporate IT infrastructure administration, troubleshooting, monitoring, and optimization. A proactive approach to managing technology, information, and data is what our IT infrastructure management service (IMS) is all about.

Why should I select GyanMatrix to build my digital product?2022-09-22T00:50:10+05:30

We are one of the pioneers with over 20+ years of experience building digital products for a variety of businesses such as e-commerce, e-learning, IT infrastructures, and many more. 

Do you offer enterprise development services?2022-09-04T22:37:48+05:30

Yes! We do offer end-to-end ERP implementation services to help you glide through your systems and processes super-smooth. We thrive at providing effective project and team management.

Will you keep me following the progress of the product being developed?2022-09-04T22:38:16+05:30

Absolutely! We will keep you posted at every stage of your product development making it 100% transparent for both parties. We make use of Agile Methodologies and a few other project management software tools, such as Jira, Slack, and Toggl, to ensure effective communication and organization. Your project manager will keep taking your inputs and feedback periodically to ensure the BEST quality of your product.

What industries does Gyanmatrix serve?2022-09-04T22:38:50+05:30

We provide services to organizations of all sizes, from serving small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMBs) in the legal, non-profit, healthcare, financial, energy, governmental, educational, and other professional services sectors. Because of our diverse service portfolio, which can be used by companies in a variety of industries, we also have a number of successful projects in entertainment, banking, hotel, media, education, and many other fields.

What kind of development services do you offer?2022-09-04T22:39:24+05:30

We develop UI/UX design, websites, mobile applications, ERP software, CRM software, e-commerce websites, and enterprise mobile applications. 

Will my information be kept confidential?2022-09-04T22:40:31+05:30

Of course! We totally understand the importance of your data and its security. We sign an NDA before we start working on your project, and adhere to it until the end of our collaboration. With our unbreachable security, all your data is safe and sound. 

What is Gyanmatrix’s process of choosing the best team for every project?2022-08-04T00:37:36+05:30

The development and business analysis teams in our company are made up of various SMEs. Thus, we will start by investigating your app or project idea, including the industry it pertains to and the technology stack it requires, before allocating the best SME with experience in your preferred sector.