COVID-19 (Or) The Great Economy Reset

Published On: August 28th, 2020 /

Yes, it’s a psychedelic crisis for the world. With all this happening, we humans are repelling and evolving.

When its an emotional release and war,

Yet out of all this, how do an esteemed firm measure Employee Effectiveness ? #HRmetrics 

Here are the 13 tips to know and manage teams when working remotely.

Just a minute, hold on !

If I continue to say ‘Tips to know’, wouldn’t that be delusive.

I dare to say, following ‘tips’ actually ain’t the code to compile your valuable employee asset. 

The world is mothering the new normal, besides this is a needed conscious thing for the well being of the Humankind. A dead beat for 2o2o. 

To get the better-of and get around with all of this happening, knowing your fellow mates ‘burnout’ and if they are ‘stalled’ and ‘far gone’ before you witness will be highly challenging to pile.

Yet, you know your cluster and how-to, you already have come along together in a culture. Each and every group has a firm culture and environment themselves.

Foundation laid all along will surely be a definitive anchor to stand by the hassles and up hold your tribe. That speaks it all. 

‘A solid culture’ and ‘Strength in trustworthiness’ and ‘Maturity for a positive reinforcement’ are the foundation to uphill

WHAT DO WE ‘did’ ?

Not just assuming the challenges and difficulties they would have by now in this pandemic, instead having a support system team addressing employees under a close watch helps. 

Not just only monetary easing can keep them intact, and moreover it’s a short play. As a fact, it subsides before not too long. It is vital to keep your valuable resources acquainted of their enterprise’s status. Thus, rather carry an environmentally pivot friendly approach to discuss business positions. 

Not only to focus on team’s/employee’s productivity at times like this, make sure to convey what’s-what for a promising and secured employment. Strongly believe this eventually will lead to a safe and supportive environment to drive anyone to produce the best possible. 

Not just cultivating within to have Town hall meets, collaborative team meetings and just to say any HR activities, rather set a medium for your fellows to engage, to reveal what they are – be it subjective or objective. For that matter, everyone has got their own entrepreneurial skills themselves. Encourage cross team connect, too. To mention, chit-chat is essential, on foreground talk – comics and politics, technology and education, Atheism and law of manifestation, movies and OTT, Tools and software, Play monopoly & freeze, family and friends, Cities and mountains, and anything.

Not just only to know and focus on scrum updates, deliveries, release and any launch. Looking on the bright side, inspire your fellow mate(s)’s thoughtfulness to scout their expertise. For nerds – provide them opportunities to create one’s intellectual story. For who are Technology wanderers – encourage cross functionalities and help meet their entrepreneurial goals. More importantly, know their mental and physical wellness, know them during tough times, give space to revamp, Go organic yet spice up when needed. That’s ‘how anyone can manifest and anyone will’ to achieve their goal in any hardships. 

This by all means will keep any tribe intact and drive in confidence. You ain’t need any tool to monitor and attend.
Lets knock out all the mishaps and fire with enthusiasm in urge to this ‘New Normal’


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