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All Hands of Feb ’18; GyanSpace’ Genesis

March is significant to GMX. March is significant to the visions and goals that are our lifeline. At GMX, we take to charting new territories with as much vigor and passion as we take it to retaining the best of our traditions. On the 14th of March, we did them both; we charted new territories…
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Nothing But Poetry – Pt.2

To the claps of Chenda, the tired us, even as the overwhelming fatigue of fun had us enamoured the night before, just before sleep, woke up. Personally, I, the writer of this piece, hate to get myself awake. Sleep is the ultimate drug, I believe, and I am sure that some of you think so,…
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Our Star Performers – June 2016

Motivation in work life has never been boring. “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” – Stephen R. Covey GyanMatrix provides an absolutely wonderful platform to work with fresh and energetic group of talents. All the employees are at their best in leading the Organisation to success. Each…
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