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GMX All Hands – May 2018

What the sun being up and down is to the rest of the world, All Hands is for those at Gyanmatrix. Every month, it comes; it shines, lighting everyone’s hearts up as it comes and goes. We decided to change All Hands up a little bit, tis time. The award categories got redifined and new…
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Coworking Space – Thoughts & Musings

Co-Working is the bee that’s buzzing now. As needs change and as people evolve, the definition of necessity tends to change. Back in the ‘80s; back in the ‘90s, as the Indian economy was opening up, working in an office – any kind of office – is all one needed for at least a semblance…
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All Hands of Feb ’18; GyanSpace’ Genesis

March is significant to GMX. March is significant to the visions and goals that are our lifeline. At GMX, we take to charting new territories with as much vigor and passion as we take it to retaining the best of our traditions. On the 14th of March, we did them both; we charted new territories…
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