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Seek And Destroy

“Seek, seek and destroy. Seek and destroy notions that question the veracity of thy integrity in work. Seek, seek and destroy. Seek and destroy cumbersome conventions that seek to make a mockery of thy vision. Seek and destroy everything that says you cannot have the time of your life even when you have to toil…
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Nothing But Poetry – Pt.2

To the claps of Chenda, the tired us, even as the overwhelming fatigue of fun had us enamoured the night before, just before sleep, woke up. Personally, I, the writer of this piece, hate to get myself awake. Sleep is the ultimate drug, I believe, and I am sure that some of you think so,…
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How is it to be a QA Engineer in GyanMatrix?

The Beginning It is quite natural for every professional to dream for a comfortable yet Challenging work environment. With the similar expectation, I recently joined GyanMatrix as Senior QA Engineer. The hiring process was smooth and well planned. It was a pleasant surprise on the first day here as I am greeted with flower bouquets…
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