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Upload to AWS s3 from the browser

Most of the web application has the necessity to upload the media or file to their server. Usually, we use an API to send the file to the API server and from there we used to upload the file to the s3. AWS has simplified the work of a programmer by introducing SDK for different…
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EFP and GMXT – a happy story

On a Friday that came beckoning on the 4th of August, GMX marched to the premises of SREC, Coimbatore. SREC is Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, and that was reached by GMX at 10 in the morning. The compound of the college on that day was of significance to us, for not just SREC’s management was…
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soYou’s Day (and Night) Out!

![alt](/content/images/2017/07/IMG_2296.jpg” style=”width:700px;”)) At around 11 A.M, a bunch of eyes lay perched unmoved. Why and whose you might ask. For that, well, the soYou team has the following to say: We (the soYou team) hopped off towards, and it was around 11 A.M that we reached it. We were at Camp ExtremeZone – which is…
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